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RRMM Architects Expands Maryland Presence with Gant Brunnett Architects Acquisition.

RRMM Architects Expands Maryland Presence with Gant Brunnett Architects Acquisition


March 14, 2024

RRMM Architects has acquired Baltimore-based architecture firm, Gant Brunnett Architects (GBA).

Headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia with additional offices in Richmond, Roanoke, and Arlington, RRMM has been experiencing rapid growth throughout Virginia. As that growth has steadily expanded into neighboring Maryland, it has become important for RRMM to strengthen our physical presence in the state and provide better proximity to our clients. GBA’s downtown Baltimore office will serve as RRMM’s fourth branch office.

In addition to allowing RRMM to continue expanding its presence throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, specifically in Maryland, this acquisition will also provide GBA’s existing clients with the resources of a 140+ person firm. Since RRMM and GBA share many common market sectors, the combining of knowledge and experience will benefit both firm’s existing and prospective clients. Overlapping markets include commercial, cultural, higher education, hospitality, and multi-family housing.

Having similar company cultures and business philosophies was important to the leaders of both firms. Like RRMM, GBA is dedicated to a service mentality, excellence in a full range of professional services, a high regard for design quality, the built environment, and the positive treatment of employees, clients, and subconsultants.

Both firms have 30+ year histories. Gant Brunnett Architects was founded in 1974 by Frank Gant as Frank Gant Architects. The firm expanded in 1997 and the name was then changed to reflect the new leadership including John Brunnett as president. RRMM Architects was founded in 1988, originally under the name Cederquist Rodriquez Ripley, until various mergers over the years created the RRMM of today.

“I’m so pleased to be able to bring the excellent staff, work ethic, and project delivery that has characterized GBA for so many years into the RRMM family,” says RRMM CEO and President, Duane Harver. “This is truly a beneficial pairing of talents that I fully expect to blossom into something very special as we continue to grow together.”

The GBA leadership provided by John Brunnett, Joe Graves, and Connie Kumor will integrate seamlessly into RRMM’s corporate structure. The incorporation of GBA as RRMM’s fourth branch office will continue RRMM’s collaborative decision making between offices and sharing of firmwide resources.

“I’m very proud of the legacy that Gant Brunnett Architects has achieved, and I can only see great potential for furthering the growth of that legacy through the merger with RRMM; a group of like-minded architects that encourage staff success and service to the community,” says GBA President, John Brunnett.

Some of GBA’s notable projects include the “Sailboat Bank” that has become an Annapolis landmark, the Humanities Building at Loyola University in Baltimore, the preservation of Clifton Mansion (the home John Hopkins), Ludlum Hall on the main campus of Anne Arundel Community College, the Lillie Carroll Jackson Museum, and the recently completed Bladensburg Library in Prince George’s County, Maryland.