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Virginia Military Institute: Preston Library Renovation

Higher Education

Virginia Military Institute: Preston Library Renovation.

Lexington, Virginia

RRMM reprogramed and renovated the 80,000 SF historic Preston Library. The existing six-story library was constructed in 1929, with renovations and additions being completed in the 1990s. Changes in the mission of the library resulted in the need to significantly expand the archives, and a number of code-related issues necessitated a thorough renovation. The design team developed a program for the library and together with library staff, investigated a series of test-fits to determine the best way to rearrange the library without needing an expansion. 

Significant scope not only included the complete re-arrangement of the floors, but included doubling the size of the archives and installation of a fire suppression system, creating a new public entry and display space, adding group study spaces and flexible learning spaces.