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Larchmont School

Elementary School K-12 Education

Larchmont School.

Norfolk, Virginia

The new 92,655 SF Larchmont School replaced the former aging facility located on the same site, which remained in operation during construction of the new school and was demolished upon completion. Serving pre-kindergarten through fifth-grade students, the configuration of the new space is geared toward collaborative and project-based learning. The design includes a one-story common-use area that houses the cafeteria, media center, gymnatorium, and administration areas. The two-story learning community contains classrooms, small-group shared project rooms, art, science, computer, and multi-purpose labs. Grade levels are separated in the learning community area. The building facade was carefully designed to blend into the surrounding community, containing features reminiscent of the original 1920s-era school building.

This project was completed as part of a PPEA (Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act) with Norfolk Public Schools and the City of Norfolk. Larchmont was one of five new elementary schools for Norfolk as part of the Building the Future PPEA initiative.