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Ocean View Elementary School

Elementary School K-12 Education

Ocean View Elementary School.

Norfolk, Virginia

Ocean View Elementary School is a replacement facility for the original building, which was located on the same site and was demolished after construction. The design for the new 92,286 SF elementary school is characterized by a one-story common use area and a two-story learning communities area. The common use area houses programs that are universal to all grade levels, while the learning communities area consists of classrooms grouped together by grade level. Each grade level is further broken down into a grade level house that consists of general classrooms, small group breakout spaces, science and exploratory labs, prep rooms, storage rooms, and teacher workrooms.

This project was completed as part of a PPEA (Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act) with Norfolk Public Schools and the City of Norfolk. Ocean View was one of five new elementary schools for Norfolk as part of the Building the Future PPEA initiative.