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Danville Community College: Workforce Development Center

CTE Higher Education

Danville Community College: Workforce Development Center.

Danville, Virginia

This complex, multi-phase project for the Workforce Development Program at Danville Community College created a new 7,500 SF welding building and a 44,500 SF renovation of the existing facility’s lower level. This project was a reaction to the growing need for skilled welding, metal fabricators, and precision machinists in and around the western part of the state. The renovation to the existing building implemented highly technical precision machining labs, teaching and collaboration spaces, a renovated loading dock, computer/technology labs, faculty offices, ADA accessible restrooms, and a new campus bookstore. The new welding building is home to state-of-the-art labs for welding and metal fabrication, faculty offices, a shared 600 SF classroom, loading areas, restrooms, a shared lock room, certification space, and a five-ton mobile crane that integrates seamlessly to the cutting-edge equipment required to produce job-ready college graduates. 

The new welding building was sited using the multi-level topography as a design element. The aesthetics/structure strongly relate to the industrial workforce work environments graduates will move to upon completion of their degree.