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Beulah Elementary School

Elementary School K-12 Education

Beulah Elementary School.

Chesterfield County, Virginia

Chesterfield County Public Schools needed to replace three existing elementary schools, as well as add an additional elementary school. Wanting these projects completed on an aggressive timeline, they opted to utilize a prototypical design. RRMM was hired to design all four elementary schools. Beulah Elementary School, one of the replacement schools, was built on a 25-acre site a mile from the existing school. The one-story school is designed to accommodate 900 students with three classroom wings that each contain two grade levels. One of the flexible features of this design is the cafeteria and gymnasium, which are side by side, and have an operable wall between them to allow for the two spaces to be used together for large assemblies.

A challenge for this project was adapting the prototypical plans to incorporate multiple project-based learning environments that are strategically located to serve each grade level, all on an aggressive timeline. RRMM utilized lessons learned from previous prototypical project adaptations to meet this challenge.