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Jeff Harris

Principal, Co-Director of K-12 Studio
Jeff Harris

Jeff is a Partner with the firm and the Co-Director of our K-12 Design Studio. He began his career following his graduation from Hampton University with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1993. He is a registered architect in 12 states.

Jeff has worked for both our K-12 and Higher Education Studios, but eventually became primarily focused on K-12 projects. What he enjoys most about his job is seeing how excited staff and students get when they enter a new or renovated school, as well as the subsequent transformation the new space can have on their attitude towards their learning environment.

One of Jeff’s strengths is devising creative solutions to challenging problems, an example being his work on King George Middle School. This project had an extremely tight budget, making it difficult to address all the school’s needs. The school division originally envisioned classroom additions only, but Jeff recommended a design that allowed most of the budget to be used for new core facilities. The existing space that was vacated for the new core facilities was then transformed into classroom space. This creative solution addressed not just classroom overcrowding, but the need for improved core spaces.

Jeff is a former Board Member for the Association for Learning Environments (A4LE), where he spent five years coordinating the student design competition that involved Hampton University and Virginia Tech architecture students.

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