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Ben Motley

Chairman of the Board
Ben Motley

Ben is the Chairman of the Board and a registered architect in RRMM’s K-12 design studio. He is also the former President of Motley & Associates, one of the firms whose merger produced the RRMM of today. Ben’s father, the founder of Motley & Associates, inspired him to become an architect. The emphasis of Ben’s personal career has been on public school design. His designs have produced consistent, award-winning public school projects. 

He is passionate about creating a teamwork environment and designing solutions that prove successful and fulfilling for all team members and end users. He is motivated to solve clients’ functional needs while working to provide them more than they were expecting. For Ben, the reward in architecture is witnessing the reaction of his clients, as well as seeing the tangible finished product he knows they will go on to enjoy for many years.

Ben was integral in helping to craft the organizational and governance structure of RRMM, which is a flexible and scalable approach to the business defined by a clear philosophy of who we are and what is important to us.

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