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Jason Villafranca

Director of Graphic Visualization
Jason Villafranca

Jason is RRMM’s Director of Graphic Visualization. He provides graphic services to all design and production studios within the firm. Graduating with a degree in Industrial Design, Jason’s specialties include design conceptualization and graphic presentation. Jason brings designs to life so that clients and communities are able to visualize how the buildings and spaces will play out in the real world. This helps with important design decisions, further ensuring that we are creating designs that fully align with our clients’ visions.

Jason’s skills include 2D presentation, 3D modeling, photography, and videography. He loves using design as a problem-solving tool and watching his designs come to life.

“I have a passion for good design,” Jason says. “Whether it be a cleverly functional restaurant take-out box, the mechanical simplicity of a bicycle component, or a well thought out floor plan, I have been known to get excited by good design.”



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