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VDOT Manassas Residency Office


VDOT Manassas Residency Office.

Manassas, Virginia

This new 14,500 SF residency office was designed to showcase VDOT as a contemporary and efficient state organization. The facility will house four departments – Permits, Maintenance, Pre-Engineering, and Project Management – as well as a large conference/training room. A high-shed roof was incorporated to clearly identify the entrance and provide an elevated ceiling for the front lobby entry and staff lounge. The exterior of the office is clad in brick, except for the conference room, which is clad in field stone, and the lobby, which is designed to be storefront.

Since the existing residency needed to remain in operation during construction, the new facility was constructed in the existing parking lot. Once completed, the existing 3,500 SF residency was demolished, with a new parking lot constructed in its place.