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US Naval Academy Ricketts Hall


US Naval Academy Ricketts Hall.

Annapolis, Maryland

Naval Academy Varsity Football became a member of the collegiate Big East Football Conference in 2015. In order for Navy Varsity Football to be competitive with other Big East Conference teams, the existing facility required a modernization to accommodate new staff and physical mission growth. The primary purpose of this project was to renovate portions of the building which houses the USNA football program. The project brought the aging facilities up to current codes and industry standards, while promoting health and wellness through basic long-term hydrotherapy, and improved training conditions.


A key element of this modernization was the renovation of the football team wardroom space to accommodate the entire football team. This multipurpose room is a showpiece for recruiting and is used for lounging and studying. It is adjacent to the strength training area and has full height glass to visually connect the spaces.