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Building 002 – Women’s Imaging Center


Building 002 – Women’s Imaging Center.

Portsmouth, Virginia

This project consists of a complete renovation of approximately 12,648 SF of the Women’s Imaging Center located on the first floor of the Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth, Virginia. This project consolidated and relocated several sub-departments within the Women’s Imaging Center to increase programmatic and operational efficiencies for the medical and administrative staff. It also provided a more inviting and comforting atmosphere for the active-duty military personnel and TRICARE beneficiaries visiting the facility. The work involved renovations to the following sub-departments: MRI Suite, Radiology Administration and Residents area, Mammography, Ultrasound, Breast Clinic, and other non-departmental spaces such as general storage and a new electrical room. 

The main goal of this project was to provide a level of care that exceeds the American Cancer Society’s standards for breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment. The basic layout plan was developed by the U.S. Navy’s Planning and Design Staff in concert with hospital personnel. Functionally, this project will increase operational efficiency and accommodate the necessary technology required to deliver state-of-the-art patient care.