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Suffolk Public Schools Division-Wide Facilities Needs Assessment


Suffolk Public Schools Division-Wide Facilities Needs Assessment.

Suffolk, Virginia

RRMM worked closely with Suffolk Public Schools to conduct facility condition assessments and facility master planning for all of the division’s existing schools. Facility condition assessments included extensive field investigations and analysis of the site conditions, exterior systems, and interior systems for each school. RRMM developed a comprehensive Facility Condition Assessment using all of the data gathered. This assessment provided detailed information on the existing condition of each building system or component, along with its estimated remaining useful life. This aided in the creation of a deferred maintenance schedule and facility condition index for each school. This maintenance schedule and condition index, along with the RRMM team’s recommendations for building renovation, addition, and/or school replacement, is being utilized by Suffolk Public Schools as they development their Capital Improvement Plan submission. The Facilities Master Plan includes information about maximizing efficiency for the current facilities, strategic attendance zoning options, and a feasibility study addressing alternative energies.

During the facility condition assessments, RRMM simultaneously collected and analyzed relevant raw geographic information systems (GIS) data to develop a comprehensive analysis overlaying and cross-referencing student locations, school attendance/locations, demographics, current attendance boundaries, projected housing developments, and enrollment projections. This information was essential to performing a current and future school capacity analysis for each school. This capacity analysis outlined the need for building reconfiguration, building additions, and/or redistricting to meet the projected additional student capacity.