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Robert Coleman Elementary School

Elementary School K-12 Education

Robert Coleman Elementary School.

Baltimore, Maryland

Built in the early ’70s, the original 45,000 SF Robert Coleman Elementary School was both too small and inadequately designed to meet the current educational specifications for Baltimore City Schools. The RRMM design team prepared four different options, curated from the results of their feasibility study. The selected solution completely gutted and renovated the interior of the building and constructed a 7,100 SF addition. The expansion allowed for the enhancement of the architectural character of the school with a new front canopy and colorful masonry additions.

A unique addition to the redesigned Robert Coleman Elementary School is a mindfulness space where students learn to calmly address stressful situations. This “Mindful Moment Room” promotes student stretching, yoga, and deep breathing as an alternative to other disruptive and unproductive reactions to stress.