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Haymarket Gainesville Library


Haymarket Gainesville Library.

Prince William County, Virginia

The Haymarket Gainesville Library is constructed on a six-acre site in a residential neighborhood. The site is along the “Journey through Hallowed Ground” from the Civil War where all the buildings recall the Neo-Georgian style. The library is a linear, one-story structure that has a traditional form with a barrel roof covering the spine of the building. A children’s area with its own character emerges out of the spine, but is integrated enough into the library so that the parents can still monitor their children. The library features a flexible floor plan, incorporates contemporary media, includes a public meeting room, and achieved a Silver LEED certification. A challenge when designing Haymarket Gainesville Library was the integration of the library into a neighborhood that initially resisted its construction. The resulting design was completely accepted by the community.

The project also included restoring and incorporating a mid 19th century “Plantation House” called Bushy Park House into a composition with the library. The 1,000 SF Bushy Park House is used by Prince William County as an interpretive facility.