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Florence Bowser Elementary School

Elementary School K-12 Education

Florence Bowser Elementary School.

Suffolk, Virginia

This two-story elementary school totals 114,500 SF and is designed to accommodate 1,000 students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Included in the design are project-based learning environments that offer an extension of classroom space for flexible and collaborative learning spaces. Combined with flexible furnishings, the latest technology, and creative design solutions, these learning spaces are intended to stimulate and inspire students to enhance their educational experience. Also included in the design is a centrally located tiered seating area that allows multiple classes, and even grade levels, to gather for presentations.

The design for the Florence Bowser Elementary School is based on a previous RRMM prototypical design for Suffolk Public Schools. This fourth iteration has been updated to incorporate multiple project-based learning environments strategically located to serve each grade level.