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Dinwiddie County Public Schools Population & Facilities Use Assessment


Dinwiddie County Public Schools Population & Facilities Use Assessment.

Dinwiddie County, Virginia

RRMM worked with Dinwiddie County Public Schools (DCPS) to perform a population and facilities condition assessment of each of its existing school buildings. This was completed with the overall purpose of documenting the present condition of each building system or site feature and compare it to its estimated useful life and compliance with modern standards. This assisted DCPS in prioritizing and forecasting funding requirements to address deficiencies, upgrades, renovations, and/or equipment replacement. RRMM also engaged FutureThink, a nationally recognized educational planning firm to perform demographic analyses and enrollment projections for each facility. The design team facilitated programming sessions with identified representatives to develop prototypical programs for each school level. At the end of assessment, RRMM provided a comprehensive report to DCPS to summarize all the collected information.

All of the information gathered was combined to complete an educational functionality review, as well as a comparative analysis of each facility against the developed prototypical program. This allowed the design team to easily identify both excess and deficient educational spaces within each facility and recommend possible remediation opportunities.