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“Design philosophy”

those underlying principles that shape how we do our work and what we try to achieve for the benefit of our clients.

Our aim is to help you achieve the highest value for your investment. We believe that good design is mostly a product of skill, creativity, and innovation – not a generous budget. We believe our hallmark is the way we bring innovation, creativity, personal attention, and solid design solutions at an affordable price.

We treat each project as unique and develop a number of possible design solutions.  Our commitment to explore and consider many options often leads to pleasant surprises by providing design solutions that provide even more benefit than they were anticipating, especially for projects that have specific physical and budgetary constraints such as yours. We try to think “outside the box.” The best solutions often come when a wide variety of ideas are explored. Many designs fall short of their full potential not because of a limited budget, but because of a tendency to accept the easy, first solution.


Feasibility Assessments

Over the past 10 years, RRMM Architects has completed more than 100 facility assessments across the Commonwealth.  Assessments are completed to document the present condition of facilities to assist in forecasting funding requirements to address deficiencies, upgrades, renovations and/or replacements.  When undertaking studies and assessments, RRMM endeavors to tailor our efforts to produce an efficient, cost-effective result for the benefit of the client.  We are careful to develop a strategy that produces the needed results without the undue cost that can often be associated with excessive or premature detail.


The design process begins with programming, to identify the project(s) needs, values, and criteria.  The RRMM Team would start with a careful understanding of your sites and their intrinsic physical characteristics.  We will garner a full understanding of your project goals and aspirations whether it be to your current instructional offerings, community involvement, or mission-specific functionality. Our programming encompasses not only space utilization and functionality, but also furnishings and sustainability goals.

Laser Scanning

Tools of the trade are evolving, and as they do, so are we. Laser scanning provides a higher level of detail in the same amount of time it takes to perform a traditional manual field investigation, capturing details that are not readily accessible through surveying. With laser scanning, RRMM can deliver a 3D “walk-through” of the space, providing a clear understanding of existing conditions and leading to better design decisions. Laser scanning allows us to identify and address more potential construction issues during the very early stages of design—before construction begins. This lessens the possibilities for surprises during construction, as well as the potential for RFI’s and Change Orders.

Construction Administration

We realize that the test of a successful project is not only how it starts, but equally, how it finishes. By providing construction administration services, we remain an active participant from the initial schematic drawings all the way through the end of construction, assuring you a successful project. As the architect, we are more knowledgeable on the concepts and requirements worked out prior to bidding than any separate entity brought on board later.  We can oversee that the integrity of the initial design concepts and programmatic requirements are upheld during the construction process.



Master Planning

RRMM has extensive experience in providing Master Planning services for all of our public and private clients – from Department of Defense and Commonwealth of Virginia agencies to local municipalities.  This experience not only includes developing graphic images and displays of existing and proposed client facilities in an architecture style that is reflective of the site environs, community and history as applicable, but also identifying the most appropriate locations of those proposed facilities through a series of interactive client/designers workshops.  In preparation for the initial workshop, the RRMM Team oftentimes conducts historic and cultural resource studies to develop options for preservation, assesses options for the  design of sustainable features throughout the facility and the site, evaluates vehicle and pedestrian traffic patterns/flow to develop concepts for site improvements to minimize pedestrian and traffic conflict.  Other related planning services provided can also include developing comprehensive utility plans, and analyzing and documenting space utilization.

Interior Design

Our in-house Interior Design Studio brings together a team of talented designers and planners with expertise in many markets especially for education, municipal, and federal projects. Our interior designers are problem solvers who are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients, who use, visit, and inhabit the interior environments that we create. Our involvement from the programming stage forward affords us success in accomplishing the client’s goals and requirements for space utilization, as well as maintenance requirements for interior finishes and furnishings. Our focus is on interiors that work, whether it be creating inspiring and welcoming spaces, workplace functionality, or highly specialized spaces, all with an aesthetic suited to each client.

Sustainable Design

We strive to create buildings and landscapes that enhance the built environment, and wherever possible, preserve the natural environment.  Design begins with an understanding of a building’s context in the community and its relationship to the natural.  The hallmarks of a good design are seamless integration and limited intervention, with full accommodation of the building program.  As a principal leader in the Green movement, we strongly endorse LEED® and work to educate ourselves on its goals as they evolve.  We seek clients to engage in furthering the built environment that leaves our community healthier and self-sustaining.