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Rustburg Middle School

K-12 Education Middle School

Rustburg Middle School.

Campbell County, Virginia

The new Rustburg Middle School constructed in Rustburg, the heart of Campbell County, is a new school complex supporting an initial student enrollment of 750 students with core facilities designed to support 900 students. The school is well balanced with traditional academic spaces organized in a way to optimize natural daylighting. The school provides a healthy complement of vocational training including labs for agriculture, STEM and technology.

The design offers flexibility – the core of the school includes a cafetorium designed to serve both dining and performance events with retractable seating. Collaborative learning areas are positioned at the ends of the classroom wings to promote a variety of functions. Secured courtyards are located between classroom wings, offering the school a controlled setting for outdoor learning and gathering. Site amenities include a new outdoor track surrounding a soccer field and a multi-purpose field serving both football and baseball.

The new Rustburg Middle School has a heavy emphasis on security. Visitors must first be buzzed into the main office, and then buzzed in again to access the main building. The building is able to be locked down quickly and completely. Small details include reflective windows, which allow the students to see out, but no one to see in.

This was the first brand-new school in Campbell County in almost a quarter century. It had been over 40 years since they last built a new secondary school.