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Richard Bowling Elementary School

Elementary School K-12 Education

Richard Bowling Elementary School.

Norfolk, Virginia

The new Richard Bowling Elementary School is a replacement for the previous, aging elementary school that was located a few blocks away. The new 101,060 SF building houses 683 students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. The design of the new school is organized around the International Baccalaureate School concept, which emphasizes academic and personal rigor. Highlighted in the design are spaces geared toward collaborative and project-based learning. A one-story common use area houses programs universal to all grade levels, while a two-story learning community contains classrooms, small-group shared project rooms, art, science, computer, and multi-purpose labs centered around a central staircase.

This project was completed as part of a PPEA (Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act) with Norfolk Public Schools and the City of Norfolk. Richard Bowling was one of five new elementary schools for Norfolk as part of the Building the Future PPEA initiative.