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Pax River Child Development Center

DoD K-12 Education

Pax River Child Development Center.

St. Mary's County, Maryland

The new Pax River Child Development Center replaced the existing aging facility on Patuxent River Naval Air Station. Designed to accommodate 350 children, the center encompasses 40,000 SF on approximately six acres. The facility is divided by age level, all of whom have direct access to playgrounds outside their door. The interior finishes that are provided are functional and durable, and maximize the use of sustainable materials. The finishes incorporate methods of wayfinding throughout the facility, using color and patterns to form a comprehensible interior environment that guides users and visitors through the building. 

The new Child Development Center achieved a LEED Silver Certification through its incorporation of a number of energy-saving features including a geothermal system, radiant flooring, energy saving toilets, and a multi-level lighting system.