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Northern Virginia Community College: Seefeldt Building

Higher Education

Northern Virginia Community College: Seefeldt Building.

Woodbridge, Virginia

RRMM designed significant renovations to Northern Virginia Community College’s Seefeldt Building. The 141,000 SF building housed outdated classrooms, administrative space, offices, labs, a learning center, non-flexible collaboration space, an auditorium, and a cafeteria. This renovation is a comprehensive modernization and replacement of all major building components and infrastructure. Programmatically, this newly reinvented facility has the opportunity to support all aspects of student life. The cornerstone of this project is the “one stop shop” admissions space that is fashioned into a linear layout will all required enrollment and student support spaces easily accessible. Beyond initial enrollment areas, these four floors will house a multitude of spaces including science labs, general academic classrooms, flexible learning spaces, a new auditorium and art display area, studio practice rooms, physical education rooms, administrative conference areas, offices, security facilities, a campus bookstore, testing zones, computer labs, and a tutoring center. 

Equally important to the interior renovation, a transformation to the exterior of the building façade will correct water infiltration issues and align with a newly established campus aesthetic. The recently completed Arts & Science Building that is adjacent ti Seefeldt Building served as the foundation for a clean and sophisticated material palette, establishing a strong precedent for large glazing and sun shading. The exterior renovation also provided the design team the opportunity to create a newly pronounced front entrance along College Drive, allowing easier student access and pedestrian traffic.