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Fairfax Water Operations & Maintenance Center


Fairfax Water Operations & Maintenance Center.

Merrifield, Virginia

This new 20,000 SF operations & maintenance center and separate 10,000 SF warehouse is currently under construction, with an expected completion date in 2023. The new facility will house the fleet maintenance, fueling, distribution, warehousing, and meter shop for the western portion of Fairfax County. Parking for 40 staff and 35 services vehicles will also be included. One of the challenges of this project is its location – a tight, four-acre site situated in an urban redevelopment area that is master planned for commercial office buildings and light industrial use.

Fairfax County wanted the facility built as close to the street as possible to reinforce the urban character development of the area. The warehouse will back onto the primary street and incorporate masonry, ceramic panels, and glass, architecturally complimenting the area plan developed by Fairfax County.