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Dollar Tree


Dollar Tree.


In 1991 RRMM began designing for a small family-owned business called K & K Toy Stores that expanded into the dollar store market with stores called Only $1.00. Once K & K Toy Stores were sold, they used their assets to expand into the dollar stores and eventually their vision became the Fortune 300 Company known today as Dollar Tree. Through many acquisitions and corporate vision changes, RRMM has been a staple in helping to design their stores with new standards and prototypes for their expansion across the continental United States and Canada. RRMM’s architectural licensure throughout the continental U.S. ensures consistent designs in the thousands of stores we have touched. Dollar Tree stores range from 3,000 SF to over 25,000 SF and consist of renovations of existing properties in shopping centers and standalone buildings and new ground-up freestanding buildings.

Over the last 25 years, RRMM has provided prototype development for the Dollar Tree Brand. Donna Elliott, Director of RRMM’s Retail Studio and Chief Operating Officer, was the winner of the 2011 Dollar Tree Bucky Award.