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Building R-63, Bachelors Quarters


Building R-63, Bachelors Quarters.

Norfolk, Virginia

RRMM designed complete renovations to a six-story, 147,000 SF concrete framed structure that was originally constructed circa 1985-86. This major whole building renovation will bring the original facility into current building code and life-safety compliance, providing an improved quality of life Navy unaccompanied enlisted personnel. The renovation will modernize the facility accommodations quality rating from a Q4, which is the lowest rating, to a Q1, which is the highest level.

A complete modernization of all spaces will be completed including sleeping rooms, offices, restrooms, lobby spaces, breakroom, stairways, mechanical and electrical utilities, and finishes. The facility will include a total of 355 units including 12 single-occupancy, fully accessible suites, for a total of 686 residents.