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3rd Patrol Police Precinct

Public Safety

3rd Patrol Police Precinct.

Norfolk, Virginia

The 3rd Patrol Police Precinct is like no other in Hampton Roads; it is a police station, community center, FEMA situation bunker, fitness center, conference & management suite, and office for the Homeland Security Division (comprised of the Harbor Patrol Unit, SWAT, and bomb squad). It is also includes a repair shop for police vehicles, bikes, and boats. Two double deep drive-through bays were provided for the Harbor Patrol units to house vehicles and boats. A storage area was also provided for rescue equipment. Additional garage facilities were provided for the traffic division, Homeland Security operations, and emergency command post vehicles.

Norfolk required this new facility to be storm resistant. The building envelope includes laminated, wind-driven projectile-resistant window glazing, increased structural resistance to category II hurricane wind loading, and tear-off roofing resistance. The first floor is significantly elevated above the 100-year flood plain, and the entire facility is served by an emergency generator. Since the central police administration command center will be transferred to this facility in a major storm event, a further hardened ‘box’ was constructed of a concrete roof deck. Reinforced concrete masonry walls were additionally added into the facility, including in the bunk space and food locker areas.