One-Stop Shop

We offer you fully integrated design-build services in which we serve as a single source for your design and construction needs; one phone call reaches your architect and your contractor. The advantages of the design-build process are clear and undeniable — it’s efficient, fast, and cost effective. That translates into a greater quality project for you.

Greater Value

One company provides design and construction—our streamlined approach value engineers your project throughout design, resulting in higher finish levels and a higher quality structure that still meets your budget.


Our united team approach may reduce your overall completion time by as much as 33%, since communication is greatly improved when design and construction are provided by a single entity.

Additional Resources

We know the building process can be complex, and sometimes additional resources are needed. The RRMM Design Build team has extensive business relationships with real estate brokers, developers, financial institutions, attorneys, engineers, etc., all of who are available to you as our client.